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Trailer for Robot Chicken DC Special - Aquaman Still Butt of Jokes

No matter how well his books sells, Aquaman still gets punked by his fellow JL’rs in this teaser for the Cartoon Network September 9th Special. Also Wonder Woman punches Harley. And you don’t even want to know about Harvey Dent’s bathroom rituals.

Rogues!  AH!  Rogues!  Mirror Master!  Captain Cold!  Special guest star that only people who care about Rogues would recognize when he shows up! 

And Booster Gold getting kicked into a wall.  Yeah. I am all for this.  (Hope there’s some Blue Beetle later.)

I made a comment about the guest star at the end and erased it so people would be surprised.

Thanks for posting this, I couldn’t view the video at the IGN site!

…omg that was a surprised guest. Was not expecting that! XD can’t wait to see all of this!

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    And all the good ice villains take a jab at Chillblaine. My life is complete!
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    Little bit to excited for this…. sorry that I’m not sorry.
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    Robot Chicken DC Comics special! OOOH
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    I’m excited! And I’m 95% sure they won’t have Roy Harper hallucinating while clutching a dead cat in an alleyway. Or if...
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