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Hi, I'm Caitlin, 24, from Florida, and a ESFP personality type!
My blog consist of DC comics, video games, Star Wars, cosplay, and just random things I enjoy.
Sometimes I'll post things relating to my cosplay group, BellaMorteCosplay. I also do my best to tag things for those who have blacklists.

If you would like to send me a friend request on xBox or PSN, I would gladly except it. :)

xBox: The1BlackCanary

PSN: csuzano

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This is awesome.

Come on Ubisoft, make it!

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Day 21 - A favorite character.

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Requiescat in pace…. by NYCAssassin


Requiescat in pace…. by NYCAssassin

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I didn’t have time last night to post what my Halloween costume was, but  here is gender bend Ezio! A girl was actually trick-or-treating in my neighbor hood as Rosa, we both had a fan girl moment when we saw each other.

I also made a ghetto hidden blade and just stuck scissors in my sleeve.

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