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Hi, I'm Caitlin, 24, from Florida, and a ESFP personality type!
My blog consist of DC comics, video games, Star Wars, cosplay, and just random things I enjoy.
Sometimes I'll post things relating to my cosplay group, BellaMorteCosplay. I also do my best to tag things for those who have blacklists.

If you would like to send me a friend request on xBox or PSN, I would gladly except it. :)

xBox: The1BlackCanary

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This is awesome.

Come on Ubisoft, make it!

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Day 15 - Best Xbox\360 game.

I personally don’t have a best I can choice from since I’ve only had my xbox for about a year now.

But I guess if I had to choose from one of the ones I own it have to be:

It was surprisingly good to me since it wasn’t a game I would normally play, now it’s becoming one of my favorite games.

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Day 08 - The game that is currently playing.

Just finished it today. Have to move on to a different game.

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Why is my skin in Fable all sorts of fucked up?

Before I restarted my load my face looked like a section of the map. And now my face is blue. I look like a night elf from World of Warcraft. This is not cool.

What even?

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And vise versa

And vise versa

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These are awesome! I want the red one. O3O

These are awesome! I want the red one. O3O

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When you don’t know what to play on xBox…

 Bust out the PS3 controller and play some games on there.

Playstation Network, why do you still have to be down? D: What ever still going to play games.

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I fucking hate you xBox!!!!

I’m sooooooooooooooooooooo pissed right now at my xbox 360. My friend made an account on my system and it didn’t do this to her, but it does it to me. This is a bunch of Bull.

I wanted to get an achievement so I started a new game on Dragon Age Origins just to get it super quickly if I could. Only for it to delete my saved game that I was working on. 

I’m going to get the achievement then start over and work with my serious game. I am just really bummed that my friend and roommate can do multiple saves on for Dragon Age on my system, but then when I try it destroys my last save game.

(Me on the inside right now)

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Odee, I just jizzeddd =O!!

Does want!


Odee, I just jizzeddd =O!!


Does want!

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